A world class solution for world class competitive intelligence

Engage your intelligence network and automate your intelligence cycle with our robust collaboration and alert features. Intelligence Plaza® functions as a one-stop intelligence database and multi-channel delivery system of business critical intelligence.

  • Comprehensive | Store all of your critical intelligence content in one searchable database
  • Customized | Get personalized, real-time updates on market developments and new content
  • Collaborative | Enable field intelligence sharing, intelligence networking and co-creation of intelligence deliverables among your users
  • Supported by CI Experts | Leverage the full support of our strategic market intelligence advisors (M-Brain) for your competitive intelligence processes
  • Easy to integrate | Integrate intelligence content across various user interfaces and business processes utilizing for example mobile devices, SharePoint etc. 
  • Hassle free | Take advantage of our hosting services (SaaS) and our leading maintenance and support services, as well as the Intelligence Plaza knowledgebase

Dissemination (push)

  • Email alerts
  • Newsletter generator / group email
  • Integration with external user interfaces (API, XML, RSS, SharePoint)

Self-service access

  • Dashboards
  • Search tools
  • Analysis tools for text-based content (news trends, tag clouds)
  • Analysis tools for quantitative data (charting etc.)
  • Benchmarking (products, companies, markets)
  • Mobile User Interface (smartphones, tablets)


  • Commenting
  • Discussions
  • User groups / networking

Content management

  • Storage / database / metadata
  • Categorization / classification / taxonomy
  • Searching / indexing

Data sourcing and input

  • Web crawling / monitoring
  • RSS feed management
  • Web input
  • Mobile input
  • Shoutbox
  • Integration with external data sources (CRM, ERP, API)

Administration & Security

  • User management
  • Usage monitoring / statistics
  • Single sign-on

The Handbook of Market Intelligence

Handbook of
Market Intelligence

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