We're not just software developers; we're strategic market intelligence advisors who also use Intelligence Plaza® to serve over 50,000 users every day

Intelligence Plaza® was developed by M-Brain (previously known as Global Intelligence Alliance).

M-Brain is a global information, technology and consulting services company. We help our clients to navigate the turbulent and ever expanding business environment. We offer crucial external business information, and advise on its efficient management and utilisation. We turn information into actionable insights for daily decision-making and strategic planning. We call it Informed Leadership.

We do this through our service offerings:

1. M-Monitoring - Services that help international companies stay aware of developments in their media and competitive environment

2. M-Intelligence - Research and data that help companies understand what market developments mean for them

3. M-Advisory - Strategic advice to help companies decide on their optimal business strategies for success

The clients we serve are involved in big data, business development, business analysis, business intelligence, competitive intelligence, community management, customer intelligence, data analysis, economic analysis, general management, information management, knowledge management, market intelligence, market insight, market research, marketing, sales, social media monitoring, SMINT, and strategy and planning.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, the M-Brain group has offices in Sao Paolo, Brazil; Toronto, Canada; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Paris, France; Essen, Germany; Shanghai, China; Singapore; Stockholm, Sweden; Reading, United Kingdom; New York and Chicago, United States; and St Petersburg, Russia.

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What are our customers saying?

I would recommend M-Brain for their sense of openess, not overselling and the analysis; the work M-Brain has done on their own is really really valuable...

Anders Marvick,

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