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Collaboration across the organization, easy to use competitive intelligence reporting tools, great user experiences and ease of system integration: everything you want from a forward-looking competitive intelligence tool and more!  Intelligence Plaza® has been developed to meet all of these needs.  Here is what customers love about Intelligence Plaza®.

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How Intelligence Plaza helps Balluff to act in line with the market and be closer to global customers

Interviewed for this case was Mr. Mario Reinsch, Strategic Marketing at Balluff GmbH, a world leader and one of the most efficient manufacturers of sensor technology. Mario explains how Intelligence Plaza helps in a timely and efficiently way to handle large amounts of information as Balluff’s products and services are used in many different industries and applications globally.

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How Intelligence Plaza helped Schenck Process solve the complexity of information collection, analysis and distribution

Interviewed for this case was Mr. Oliver Hoffmann, Senior Manager Business & Corporate Development at Schenck Process. Oliver explains how Intelligence Plaza On SharePoint helped him solve the complexity of information collection, analysis and distribution. Our internal market intelligence simplified the running of MI operations for this global organization.

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How Intelligence Plaza helps Össur to take its intelligence operations towards world-class level

Interviewed for this case was Mr. Carl Stolz, Market Intelligence Director at Össur. Carl explains how he took his intelligence operations to a world-class level by using Intelligence Plaza for SharePoint and, in the process, created a system which streamlined his Intelligence operations and created a centralized market intelligence system accessible to all.

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How Linde Hydraulics Uses Intelligence Plaza to Boost Growth

Linde Hydraulics is a global developer and supplier of modular drive systems consisting of hydraulics, power transmissions and electronics. As a leading technology provider in the field of high-pressure hydraulics, the systems produced by Linde Hydraulics set the standard in terms of significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2.

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Case - Monitoring Emerging Markets at Johnson Controls

How Johnson Controls Uses Plaza to Monitor Emerging Markets

Johnson Controls Power Solutions sees significant growth opportunities in emerging markets, including China, Brazil, India and others.  As part of assessing and prioritizing these opportunities, the industry leader leverages an in-house intelligence portal to provide vital information on market developments to employees around the world.

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Case - Making Market Intelligence Available to All Employees

How Nokia Networks Uses Intelligence Plaza to Achieve Greater Efficiency in Market Intelligence

Interviewed for this case was Erik Bärlund, Manager, Business Intelligence, from Nokia Networks (NET). Erik explains how the company utilizes the Intelligence Plaza for Microsoft SharePoint to improve overall usability and structure of the market intelligence information, to enable world class taxonomy and to optimize document access and storage, for instance.

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Case - Integrating New Businesses within Philips Healthcare

How Philips Healthcare Uses Intelligence Plaza to Achieve Sustainable Growth

Interviewed for this case was Daniel Cho, Director of Market Intelligence, Patient Care & Clinical Informatics (PCCI) at Philips Healthcare. Daniel Cho explains how Intelligence Plaza® helps PCCI to integrate new businesses and manage knowledge transfer and sharing in a very complex organization of internal and external partners, to achieve sustainable growth.

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