Cool CI Software Tips

From the team behind Intelligence Plaza®, the competitive intelligence software that outclass the competition.

Everything on competitive intelligence software for world class market intelligence, with special section on Microsoft SharePoint. Read about best practices in creating email alerts, dashboards, search tools, mobile user interface, commenting tools, content management and much more!



Use your competitive intelligence portal for innovation and creativity

Innovation is crucial to creating a competitive advantage and staying ahead of the market. When executed well, your competitive intelligence portal can be a repository of ideas for innovative new products, solutions to customer needs, ways to reduce costs etc.. The sources for these ideas can be numerous; with social media platforms becoming popular channels filled with consumer-generated content that companies mine for information and analysis. Read More



Tips on creating competitive intelligence dashboards

By tailoring dashboards to show the latest competitor data and market insights on a single screen for different user groups, companies have been able to increase the effective communication and use of their competitive intelligence. The best competitive intelligence dashboards combine text, information feeds, images, video and interactive elements. They can range from basic displays of information to the more interactive, dynamic formats where users can combine different data sets and even conduct predictive modeling. Read More



How to future proof your CI portal for 2015 and beyond

Just like any function, your competitive intelligence team must continuously adapt to changes in the business landscape. What lies ahead for competitive intelligence (CI) in general? What features and functions should your team be prepared to implement in your competitive intelligence knowledge portal? The Intelligence Plaza team looked at the Market Intelligence Trends 2020 survey […] Read More



What Microsoft’s evolving business model means for Intelligence Plaza CI software

Microsoft’s ecosystem comprises more than 600,000 partners globally, with press reports stating that these channel partnerships help generate 95 percent of Microsoft’s revenue. This means that Microsoft has to be well aligned with the channel partners within its ecosystem. Of late, Microsoft has been changing its business model to be a cloud-first, mobile-first based organization. […] Read More



How to increase traffic on your competitive intelligence platform

Everyone benefits when there is high user engagement on your competitive intelligence platform. As users pick out intelligence content, share insights and add their own comments, the content becomes richer and deeper. The competitive intelligence team also gains insights into which content is popular and where they should focus greater efforts on. Overall, the entire […] Read More